The Dividend Dashboard

The Dividend Dashboard is a comprehensive financial tool designed to assist dividend-focused investors in managing and optimizing their investment portfolios. It operates as a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of tracking dividend-paying stocks, estimating dividend income, and providing valuable insights into the overall health of an investment portfolio. Here’s how it works:

Portfolio Tracking:

  • Users input the current values of their holdings into the Dividend Dashboard. While it defaults to U.S. dollars, it accommodates holdings in other currencies by allowing users to mentally convert their holdings into dollars.

Estimating Dividend Income:

  • Once holdings are entered, the dashboard automatically calculates and displays estimated monthly and yearly dividend income based on the current dividend yields of the stocks in the portfolio.
  • It’s important to note that this estimation is not a guarantee of actual income, as dividends are subject to change and require a holding period before becoming payable.

Sector Diversification:

  • The dashboard provides a visual representation of the various sectors or industries represented in the portfolio through a pie chart. This helps users assess the diversification of their investments.

Detailed Portfolio Information:

  • The “Portfolio Details” tab offers a deep dive into individual holdings. It provides real-time stock prices, the percentage of the portfolio attributed to each stock, and the dividend yield of each stock.
  • Users can also see the projected annual dividend income for each holding.

Dividend Forecast:

  • The “Dividend Forecast Calendar” plots the expected monthly dividend income, creating a visual representation of the income stream over time. This helps users anticipate when they can expect dividend payments.

Projected Daily Schedule:

  • The “Projected Daily Schedule” offers a rough estimate of when dividend payments might occur. While these dates may not be precise, they aid in planning portfolio adjustments to avoid overlapping dividend payments.

Information Links:

  • The dashboard includes helpful links to resources like the original video tutorial explaining how to create the portfolio, bonuses and sign-up rewards from partner brands and brokers, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to address common queries.


Overall, the Dividend Dashboard is a powerful tool that assists investors in making informed decisions about their holdings, projecting future income, and ensuring a well-balanced and diversified investment strategy. While it provides valuable estimates and insights, users should remember that dividends are subject to market fluctuations and the specific terms of each investment.