Here are all the finance brands I can recommend depending on what kind of platform you are looking for or what type of user you are!

Best Overall Value Investing Platform

Right now the best overall platform for dividend investors is Trading 212.

I made a video about my justification for choosing this as the best overall pick for the majority of investors and probably the vast majority of viewers of my channel.

The key criteria that I used to decide were:

  • Dividend Payments
  • Fees
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Tax-advantaged

I think that for the majority of UK Dividend Investors that don’t have some very specific requirements Trading 212 will suit their purposes. Firstly, the fee structure is more transparent than many and pretty reasonable for what you get. You can get started with £1 so not much in the way of a minimum deposit requirement.

If you do decide to open up an account you can get shares worth up to 100GBP if you enter the promo code which can be found here.

Best Premium Investing Platform

For the premium choice, I have selected Hargreaves Lansdown. It has had the best customer service of all of the brokers I have tested out, both in response time and response quality.

It offers a lot of information on stocks in the metrics and financial information sections with analysis and coverage on certain stocks that you might have on your watchlist. The big issue is that it is expensive, prohibitively so. Therefore, it has zero real chance of winning the general best pick, and for most of you in the audience won’t be a good choice.

If you wanted to sign up to Hargreaves Lansdown and take a look you can do so here*

*denotes affiliate link – this means I may receive some commission if you follow the link and sign up to the broker. This comes at no extra cost to you but helps the cost of running the site so thank you!